Join Bustin and Experience the Future of Energy Drinks

One Cartridge makes four 20oz Energy Drinks

The cartridge flavor dial enables a customer to get anywhere from 1 to 20+ bottles from one cartridge. Our flavors were designed based on a flavor setting of 5 - 7, which based on normal usage patterns will provide around 4 bottles of flavor.

Fuel Kit

Choose your Fuel Kit to get started!

Bottle Type: Plastic Bottle Kit
556mg of caffeine
per Cartridge
4 Drinks per

Meet the Squad

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Newsflash: We made it ridiculously easy to try Fission.

Introducing Fission's Fuel Kit, your no-commitment way to try one of each of our freaking delicious and energy-packed flavors and see what all the hype is about.

Each Fuel Kit contains your choice of Fission bottle (either 22oz Tritan plastic or 22oz insulated metal), and 4 Fission cartridges (equivalent to 16 20oz energy drinks on our medium setting) Florida Man, Send It, Blue Magic, and Nocturnal.

TF are you waiting for?