Frequently Asked Questions

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A: Send us an email at for any hiccups with your product or return requests! In large part, we do not accept returns due to the fact that our product is consumable and want to take the utmost care for our customers!
A: Trick question - Within the continental United States, we offer free shipping on any order over $15. You do have the option to add expedited shipping to on-demand orders. The price of the expedited shipping option will be based on the weight of your package.
A: Currently we’re only offering Fission in the United States. We hope to bring Fission to more countries in the future!
A: On our site, click “Log In” and select “Forgot Password.” Type in your email and click “Submit.” We’ll shoot you an email immediately with instructions on how to reset your password.
A: All of our orders are shipped USPS and DHL.
A: Typically, orders arrive within 4-7 business days.
A: Oh no! That's the last thing we want to hear! Please contact us at with any concerns about damaged products so we can get you back ready to send it with no interruptions!

Bottle & Lid

A: The bottles holds 22 ounces.
A: Plastic Bottles and lids are top-rack dishwasher safe, please wash your Stainless Steel bottles by hand.
A: Yes, the Fission bottle fits in most standard cup holders.
A: Nope. We're partnered with Cirkul to utilize the technology of their delivery system which contains a one-way valve that prevents any back flow from the cartridge into the bottle. Feel free to switch flavors in and out with the same water in your bottle.
A: Yep, all you need is our Fission Lid and you’re ready to rock! Our lid utilizes a standard wide-mouth fitment, which means it will fit right on most popular wide-mouth water bottle that you may already own.
A: Fission cartridges have been designed for use with plain water, but our initial tests seem to indicate that sparkling water works as well! We’re doing some more research into this, stay tuned!
A: Your Plastic Fission Bottle is top-rack dishwasher safe or can be hand-washed. Your Metal Bottle is not dishwasher safe, please hand wash your Metal Bottle. We recommend washing your bottle before your first use and cleaning your bottle at the end of each day of use.
A: The Fission bottle can withstand drops from low heights depending on the surface. We recommend treating your bottle carefully to prevent any damage.
A: No, Fission is only meant to be used with cold or room temperature water.


A: We currently have 4 flavors. Florida Man (Orange Citrus Taste), Send it (Fruit Punch Taste), Blue Magic (Blue Raspberry Taste), Nocturnal (Blackberry Blend Taste), Jackpot (Green Apple Taste), and E.T. (Lemon Lime Taste).
A: Absolutely! We’re constantly trying to create new blends so we can offer the most delicious, convenient, custom, and clean energy drink option around!
A: All of our flavors contain 0 calories.
A: All of our flavors are sugar-free.
A: Nope! Our flavors contain no artificial coloring (or flavors, for that matter). Our videos sometimes utilize color to visually indicate flavor change, but in reality Fission is colorless, which means no stains!
A: Our cartridges are made of #5 plastic, which is recyclable in communities that accept it. The inside of the cartridge contains a foil pouch which is not recyclable. The cartridge can be disassembled for proper sorting of materials.
Please check with your local jurisdiction for recycling information relating to specific materials.
A: The recommended best by date for each cartridge is stamped on each individual Sip's packaging. In addition, we recommend consuming a cartridge within 10 days of opening it.
A: The flavor dial on the Sip is continuously adjustable from 0 (represented by an X) to 10. This allows you to dial in your perfect setting and remember it easily!
A: No. The cartridges can be stored at room temperature.


A: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.
A: Shopify is one of our payment partners. In some cases, you might see 'Shopify' (or a variation of Shopify) on your credit card statement within the first 24 hours of placing your order. Within a day, ‘’ should appear on your statement in its place. If you have any questions or concerns about this, just reach out and we can help confirm your order!
A: Awesome question! Don’t worry, that $1 is simply a holding charge. As soon as your order is shipped out, you will be charged for exactly the total of your order, and that $1 pending charge will disappear. It's just your bank talking to our bank saying "Yep, this is a real account."